Hope for normality

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Unexpected by the majority of the world population, the coronavirus pandemic locked us up in our homes, smalls or medium-larges, took us away from family members with a huge fear of something, that could injure to death the most vulnerable loved ones in health and the olders. Difficult time with daily bombardment of news for waves of contagion, overflowing hospitals, brave doctors and health-workers, fighting for human lives with little protection and.. deaths, many deaths … A worldwide scourge with more than 4 million infected by the most malignant virus and countless lives shattered …

The Third War is brutal, the economy of small and medium businesses is already drowning and poverty is attacking us with its sharp teeth. Three months of hard home confinements with little chance of going out for a short walk just to buy food or medicine, and also a cold spring, laughing with a stormy wind at our particular efforts. How much struggle, God!

But in the middle of the most beautiful month, May, our Sun rises smiling to give warmth illuminating the hope of the billions of human beings throughout the world, who will return to normal!

This freedom to breathe oxygenated air (because, yes, the small break from the madness of the 21st century of innumerable planes, trucks, buses, cars and motorcycles, cleaned the air giving us a little respite to the planet we are drowning), from walk without explanations or schedules, simply to contemplate the green, the colouring of the bet of the sun or a beautiful architecture …

Because that Hope is the fundamental pillar that we need for our healthy, enjoyable, family life, hugs, the desire to share beers or a wine with many confidences between friends and loved ones, on the favorite terrace or on Sunday meals Mom, watch the soccer game and scream with emotions, enjoy a show or admire the paintings in the museum. And what about the walk through the historic center of Madrid, or anywhere on our precious planet Earth, climbing to the peak, admiring the blue sea, taking a quiz or listening to a story with the children….

Our human life, we all want it back, but the fight against the bug taught us that we have to deserve and care for it, that money is not the most precious thing in this (our) world, that instead of being so consumerist, You have to think about taking care of the treasure that is the planet, nature and leaving it clean for future generations. Prayers for powerful rulers would be to be more humble and kind. The true progress and wisdom is to preserve the world, humanity and not destroy it. The duty for everyone!

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